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Archive for February, 2019

Business and Society

Please answer the question: “How influential ideas in the business environment shape the business-government-society relationship?”

Political party system

Your prompt is: Describe the formation and dissolution of the first political party system (Federalists and Republicans), being sure to explore key figures, events, ideologies, and policies. Then, compare the first party system with the second (Democrats and Whigs). Finally, evaluate the effectiveness of political parties in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Your […]

Soft System Methodology in Management

This is a part of literature review chapter for a PhD thesis. the thesis aims to evaluate soft system methodology (SSM)- mode 2. Also, I uploaded another document (description of SSM.doc) for your information. Another reference article is uploaded as well. make most academic references from journals articles. this is a part of literature review […]

Innovation is the most important factor to business success

Please make sure for sentences structure and word tens . Punctuation. Spelling. References list must be as Harvard way. Proofreading.

Apple is an outstanding company

Argument Essay Topic: Apple is an outstanding company 1- Essay should argue either for or against the topic 2- Essay should have at least 5 paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion. 3-essay should be written in the Block Style, with a minimum of two body paragraphs supporting the thesis and at least one counter-argument and […]


This is an undergrad course with a template used as a study guide that will not lead to license. However, I do expect some quality. I will attach word document support. The Assignment: Review the media In their own words and the excerpt from the book Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide. Then, examine the […]

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Question E-learning is a popular tool for delivering training programs (and educational information, like in this course!). Organizations tend to favor e-learning because it is easy to update, easy to deliver, and convenient for both the organization and trainee. However, like any training program, e-learning has some disadvantages. 1. What are some disadvantages […]

Present a discussion of the role of the paramedic in health promotion and /or health education

Think about service delivery models and the concepts of primary health in paramedic practice. (this is NOT case based). Think more broad organisational case discussion. Discussion must link to current published and peer reviewed literature(preferably Australian or NZ) Please ensure the topic is defined and discussed in the essay, thinking laterally to make points if […]

Nonprofit Servant leader Profile

Conduct research and use the links below to locate a reputable nonprofit organization that serves people and the community as a servant leader: 1. https://topnonprofits.com/lists/best-nonprofits-on-the-web/ 2. https://www.charitywatch.org/top-rated-charities 3. https://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/ 4. https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=521#.VgsXP_lVhBc Create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates how the nonprofit organization puts servant leadership into action. Within the informational piece, include written documentation of the […]


RISK: EXPONENTIAL SMOOTHING FORECASTING AND VALUE OF INFORMATION Scenario: Using the same situation from Order 81619917, recall that you are deciding between three investments. You have heard of an Expert who has a “track record” of high confidence in correctly identifying when market conditions are favorable or not. You are now considering whether to consult […]

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