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Archive for October, 2021

Diabetes Mellitus

Students will be assigned individual topics related to physiology and pathological conditions of physiological systems.The student will be required to complete criteria 1-7 in a written paper.The paper will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 pages long not including a title and reference pages.A minimum of three APA-style references must be […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In the nineteenth century, African-American artists worked in a variety of media and subject matter. This painting and this ceramic vessel obviously are very different, as are the backgrounds of the artists who created them. For whom were these objects made? What different meanings might be read from them? In what ways might they be […]

the three major theoretical perspectives in Sociology -symbolic interactionism, functionalism and conflict theory.

This writing project focuses on the three major theoretical perspectives in Sociology -symbolic interactionism, functionalism and conflict theory. Each of these theories is like a lens through which we can view social life. Therefore, it is necessary to have an understanding of each theory. The student is to define the major points of each perspective […]

Nuclear Crisis in South Asia

Section II: Based on the panel discussion – ‘Nuclear Crisis in South Asia’ – link below- respond to the one of the questions below. ( 50 points) 1. What were the reasons for the nuclearization of India and Pakistan? 2. How has religious nationalisms in both these nations contributed to an arms race in the […]

True Balance Coordination Game Balance Toy

Analysis of Childrens Toy/Game and Influence on Development Complete an analysis on a childrens toy or game based on the cognitive development and either the physical or psychosocial development of infants, toddlers, or middle childhood. Indicate the target age range is for the toy/game. Is it gender specific? Does the manufacture make any claimsabout the […]

Live Performance Project

Your paper must include the following components in paragraph form: 1) Statement as to why you chose the concert; 2) Description of the performance venue; 3) A photo of yourself holding the program in the venue; (or a photo of yourself viewing the online concert) 4) Description of the size and age of the audience; […]

How law affects business

This Competency Assessment assesses the following learning competency/competencies: LS311-1: Enhance learning through the use of personal management tools and study strategies. LS311-1 Assignment 1 for Outcome 1 The Cardigans are a very progressive with the way they do business, especially with keeping up with the latest laws and cases that pertain to individual rights and […]

travail final – romans polciers

les instructions sont indiqus dans le document en bas: romans discuts en classe: Le mystere de la chambre jaune maigret tend un piege piege pour cendrillon meurtres pour memoire pars vite et reviens tard

Human Impact on the Carbon Cycle

Discussion: Human Impact on the Carbon CycleAs the winter holidays near, you hear several neighborhood children complain about the lack of snow in your area. You realize it has been a bit warmer this season. In fact, as you think about the weather a bit longer, you realize you did not have much snow last […]


After learning about several ways in which our everyday actions impact climate change, choose one action to conduct more research on and create a PowerPoint presentation to tell us more! Use the unit material and reliable online resources to gather more information.There are several ideas with information throughout the unit but there is even more […]

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