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Archive for May, 2022


Press releases are a summary of some event at an institution (such as a university, medical center, political campaign, etc.) that are directed at the media to increase the chances of that event being reported. I wont accept press releases as sources for the article analyses, and you will probably wonder why, especially since they […]

Case Analyise

   Students are required to analyze the following three cases and answer the accompanying case questions:  – Case 1: Samsung       Format: – TNR 12pt , 1.5 spacing  – Max: 4 pages for each case  – The questions STRATEGIC MARKETING  SAMSUNG  1. Identify the most important secondary target market of Samsung after the high-income families? […]

heavy metals in fish

A literature review as an introduction for a paper, about the heavy metals in edible fish (not general seafood) in Qatar (or the Arabian gulf countries), the resources of heavy metals, how it affect the fish, and why it is important to study it, and the recent changes happening to the water that affect the […]

Sports Finance Journal Assignment

First, review the following resource: Beginners’ Guide to Financial Statements. The organization we will be working on is the Green Bay Packers. The following resources will be helpful when looking for reliable financial information: D&B Hoover’sSport Management Guide to Library and Research ResourcesSpecifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Analyze your selected sport organization’s […]

urgent 1

  Assignment 3 – Improving a Shell In this assignment you shall take an existing implementation of a shell program and add some small improvements to it. Preparation – Downloading, Compiling and Testing a simple Shell Implementation Download and un-compress the following file: The contents of the file are C sources that implement a simple […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Select a community and public health problem that exists in your hometown then using the factors that affect the Heath of a community noted in chapter 1 analyze and discuss at least three factors that contribute to the problem in your hometown. Double spaced paper Name of the book an introduction to community & public […]

Customer retention

  Your company provided you with data about sales, customers, and products. You review the data and find yourself concerned when you notice the high customer churn rates (loss of current customer-base).  Discuss some methods or applications of data science that can help identify potential customer churn and how it can help prevent customers leaving […]


at least 250 words and 2 scholarly references within last 5 years Select one pulmonary, cardiac, peripheral vascular, or lymphatic system disorder. Discuss the clinical characteristics and identify the appropriate laboratory, imaging, and other diagnostic and screening tools that apply to this disorder. Explain why these tests or tools were chosen as appropriate to the […]

History of Religion

Does one of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have a greater claim to dogmas of peace than another.  Which has more peaceful rhetoric in scripture? E.g., does the Bible have more peaceful or more violent verbiage than the Quran? Which one of them, if any, can make a claim to peacefulness historically? E.g. which […]


reply to classmates’ post, at least 125 words each and 1 scholarly reference within last 5 years for each post 1 When providing corrective counseling with a student, it is first important to do so privately and away from the patient. Students that are corrected within the presence of a patient will encourage distrust and […]

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