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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

MSW-6003 WEEK 7 Assignment: Evaluate an Existing Intervention

  Community members and leaders are excited about the plan you enacted. However, they are concerned about sustaining these positive changes and look to you for guidance on how your plan will remain successful. You intend to hold a community meeting to discuss these concerns and explain how you plan to monitor and evaluate your […]

PowerPoint presentation (minimum 10 slides)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10 slides minimum) that presents a synopsis of an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. The article should focus on organizational leadership and will be integrated into your capstone research paper. The article needs to have been published within the past 10 years.  Note: Article Link: https://scholar.valpo.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1248&context=jvbl 

Social Work 5

Briefly list and describe the 5 major movements in mental health care in the US.  List and describe 5 barriers to receiving mental health care.     Submission Details You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers. The post should be a word count of 250-300 […]

Social Work

For this weeks reading section in Grobman’s More Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 62 Professionals Tell “Real-Life” Stories From Social Work Practice, please constructively provide your thoughts as to which chapters you enjoyed and why.  You will also need to provide some thought on the chapters within the section that you did not enjoy […]

Social Work

Building from the Interview, the student will address cognitive and affective reactions to their interview process, with focus on your reflective notes/thoughts/feelings and the fit of social work and personal values. This assignment is a reflective transcript of the interview transcript, which builds upon Week 2s assignment.  The student should pull a minimum of 3 […]

Justify the Use of Qualitative Designs: Case Study or Phenomenology

 I NEED DOCTORAL LEVEL IN WRITING  Instructions One of the many tasks involved in writing a dissertation or a research article is being able to justify the choice of one methodology over others. Just as critical to the feasibility of a study is the stated rationale for selecting a specific research design. This week, you […]


  The reading this week discusses spectacle events held by the nobility in Western Europe, particularly France and Spain. The concept of the spectacle event never left, and we are surrounded by many examples of such events in modern times. For this discussion, please share an event that fits into the definition of a spectacle. […]


  For the next part of the discussion you will need to use the last reading, Dance as Function part two. In that reading a number of ritual dance characteristics and elements were introduced. The reading framed these characteristics around dances from  global and historic perspective, but really these ritual elements are still all around […]

Project Management Plan Q3

The purpose of this assignment is to create a strategic project management plan for the implementation of a new technology to address a business solution that accounts for people, process, and technology. In the Topic 2 assignment, you identified a business solution and selected a new technology or innovative means for applying an existing technology […]

Nonhuman primate

Choose a nonhuman primate and discuss:Scientific nameDistributionPhysical appearanceDietBehavior patternsSocial systemLocomotionConservation status and threats Must use at least two references and references must be on a separate page

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