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Archive for the ‘Corporate Finance’ Category

New Equipmen

Imagine that you are the asset manager for a major northern European Hub Airport. The airport is under strong competition from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid & Paris. The probability of a winter snow closure is 0.333 per year. The downtime cost for the airport is 1m / day. In addition, the marketing department has estimated […]


Hey, how are you doing? I need some help with a DCF Question. I need it as soon as possible. Could you please help me out with it? Thank you!I have also attached the solution to another DCF Analysis question and the format should somewhat look like that.

Collateral Swap

the pdf explains everything but it wrote in italian and in english. You can use google translate to traslate the italian part of pdf. The exercise is only 3 ( not do the 4th ).In the zip there is the project and it will very easy to complete if you are able to use java.Thank […]

Corporate Financial Management Online Quiz

Please read carefully. This assessment consists of a 20 multiple choice quiz that I must complete during the period of 18th-24th May (Deadline date is random but the quiz must be completed around that time). The Topics for the quiz are “Capital budgeting continued and Basic cash management” (Workshop 8), “The cost of capital” (Workshop […]

Asset Pricing assignment

2. Lucas tree economy: Consider the one-tree economy we studied in class with equilibrium stochastic discount factor M0,t = etvt, vt N(t,2t), > 0, > 0. Let us assume that the time-0 dividend (fruit) is Y0 = 1.(a) Consider a so-called digital option, which pays out 1 at the given time, T > 0, if […]

Corporate Finance

This is an online assignment done on WileyPlus (I would give you the login info). There are 36 short questions consisting of multiple choice, true are false, and calculations where the answer is to be recorded in a textbox. There are 3 attempts per question, however the grade potential is reduced to 70% after the […]

Assessment A

Format: Calculation and brief working or short answer with explanation as well as the calculation solved in an Excel spreadsheet. For each calculation you must provide a manual solution and a solution using excel. Typing straight into excel without doing the calculations in excel does not qualify as solving in excel. Use the excel template […]

Assessment- A

Two answers one in Excel and one in a Text boxYou must provide a full answer with explanation and accompanied with the calculation done manually and one done in Excel. See the example below.1.    Manual answer as if you were answering the question in an exam (but typed). Include a time line or cash flow […]

VBA Historical VaR, ES, EVT with Risk Factors

2. Write a VBA Procedure that, assuming uniform historical scenario weights, calculates– Historical VaR,– Expected Shortfall– and EVT Tail VaR of DFL Bank’s Trading Portfolio while at the same time… A) Give user flexibility to choose confidence interval and time horizon (max=5 days) as number of days; as well as critical cut point required by […]


Groups should answer the questions provided by the instructor in the case in a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides.  Summarize the case first and then proceed with the answers to the questions at the end of the case. The questions should be answered directly and comprehensively. Names should be displayed on the first slide. Finally […]

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