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Archive for the ‘Computer Science’ Category

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

In Unit 2, as we enter the phase of our enterprise architecture implementation we must consider the various approaches required to implement enterprise software and system integration. Regardless of what plan is followed, Quality Assurance (QA) is an important consideration in enterprise system integration. Choose one QA responsibility typical to an integration project execution. Discuss […]

Access Control Audit

Hello, this assignment is basically a continuation of the assignment I assigned to you last week.  Are you able to get this addition done by the deadline? To assist LSS, your contract has been expanded to also perform an access control audit. Describe the process needed to perform the audit.Discuss typical devices, or assets, and […]

annotated bibliography

REQUIREMENTSLength: see requirements belowFormat: APA (Refer to the style guidelines presented in the appendix of the textbook)Sources: 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources found through the UF Library (NOT Google or Google Scholar) TASKThe social sciences include political science, sociology, history, and geography.  They are the study of human society and the interaction of people within society.  […]

citation exercise

I will attach the article for you. If you use the pdf, then you can use page numbers. If you decide not to do that, you will need to use paragraph numbers for the article. Your post will have two parts. Part 1Your post will include the following information: 1) Provide an APA citation of […]

Incident Response Lead

Background:Acting as a computer security incident response team leader of a nuclear facility in the United States of America. This facility contains sensitive industrial control systems that are connected to a network and is working on researching various nuclear reactions for commercial nuclear power use. There has been unusual activity going on within the last […]

Wireless Communication

Topic 1: How Antennas Work The purpose of an antenna in a radio transmitter is to launch the radio waves into space. In a receiver, the idea is to pick up as much of the transmitter’s power as possible and supply it to the tuner. The size of a radio antenna is directly related to […]

Security and privacy issues in social media

Gather information from publications and existing technologies related to the chosentopic. In general, youll read around 10 – 15 papers (2016 and newer). At the end of this phase, you have a clear understanding of the current state of research on the chosen topic, the existing security technology, and the need for additional security capabilities. […]

System Integrtion

In the fast-paced, evolving enterprise environment, there is a need to integrate systems, whether with recently acquired organizations or with the latest off-the-shelf technology. The challenge seems insurmountable without some formalized approaches, tools, techniques, and best practices to support the effort. You will select a manageable systems integration project so that you will have practice […]

Audit of Infrastructure

You work for a consulting company that performs audits of a companys IT infrastructure. Your company has been contracted to audit the IT Infrastructure for LSS (LMJ-Star Services). You and your team were sent in to complete the audit. You determine that this will be the first review that LSS has conducted or been subjected […]

Information Technology

Please respond substantively to the following Share the link to the resource on social media initiatives and information technology that was most useful to you.Be sure to explain what was most useful to you in this resource.Describe the importance of effective change leadership in relation to an organizations adoption of social media initiatives.Identify two ethical […]

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