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Archive for the ‘High school’ Category


400 – 500 words, every source needs to be cited with a works cited on the back. Try to use sources from ebsco or jstor although not required. Sources need to be cited after every piece of new information. Sources need a publisher, author, date published, etc.

South Asia environmental migration wave

I need a full research paper within 12 hours; it needs to be around 25-30 pages long, from cover to bibliography. The introduction itself is already written, plus the main research question and sub-research questions. Furthermore, the table of contents has already been given, I just need someone to write it for me. If you […]

New Mexico Climate change Effects

Your final paper MUST use (quote, paraphrase, OR summarize AND cite) at least EIGHT (8) DIFFERENT sources.  In other words, when you refer to and give credit to one interview, for example, in THREE different sections of your work, it counts only as ONE. There is room here for ten (10)  total sources. There is […]

“Art is coming face to face with yourself. Jackson Pollock

Assignment: By discussing how you interpret one of the following quotations, compose a thesis-driven essay that explores the role you believe art plays, or should play, in contemporary life. Ensure that you use examples of specific works of art (these can be both personal and/or public) to support your case.For the purposes of this essay, […]


Guideline:There should be mention of each of the following in the paper at some point:Career description Job outlookEducation Work environment Daily activities Abilities/Skills neededResponsibilities Hours workedSalaryWork dress attire Interesting facts The paper should also include of all the requirements listed in the Rubric provided in the documents attachment. Please include at least 2 print sources.

Ideals, preferabbly Liberty andYou are arguing why that ideal is still important today in society.

You will choose one that you feel best exemplifies one of the following ideals: rights, liberty, equality, etc.. Some will deal with one ideal, some will cover several.  You are arguing that the one you choose is the best and why that ideal is still important today in society. I want you to do more […]

What happened to slaves in the United States during the Civil War?

Topic: Slavery in the American Civil WarQuestion: What happened to slaves in the united states during the Civil War? You will need to write between a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages, double spaced and times new roman(MLA format). This research paper should use no fewer than 5 academic sources, one […]

The Old Man and The Sea

1. Read The Old Man and the Sea document and choose one essay topic. Note: No, you cannot reuse your essay from the 1st Semester. New essay required. 2. Read the Writing Process Review Document (Extension Projects-Part 1)3. Complete the Pre-Writng phase (see Writing Process Review)4. Create a new Google Doc. 5. Write the first […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Attached is an essay written by Zora Neale Hurston, entitled “How it Feels to be Colored Me.” You are to read it, and annotate the text. You will also notice that here are blue and yellow boxes periodically in the document. The BLUE boxes ask you questions, and the YELLOW boxes are where you answer […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

-background info on the beginning of isolationism and its decline -background information on the shift to interventionism and how the U.S. came to accept it/ backlash it received/ how it affected US people as well as the government-body paragraph on events that caused isolationism-the political, economic, social, and geographic effects of isolationism-isolationism in the US today-conclusion […]

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