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Archive for the ‘History’ Category


As the 2020 elections, the riots at the Capitol, and the impeachment of President Trump demonstrate, the United States has become a very polarized nation. Historians Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer, in their book Fault Lines, outline a myriad of causes of this polarization. In this paper, which will be your final assignment of the […]


Please read the document and the PowerPoint, both called Recent Polarization, under the module dated April 27. Then answer these questions based on the reading. Explain 2 provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).Explain 2 connections between income and social health in the United States.How sharp do you think the divide […]


Please read the document and PowerPoint called The Middle East and respond to the following questions: The United States responded to the 9/11 attacks by going to war against Afghanistan, issuing the Bush Doctrine, and enacting the USA-PATRIOT Act. Do you agree with these responses? Why or why not? Were there other actions that you […]

his 5

you will write a scholarly paper in which you discern how nationalism and the New Imperialism shaped nationhood and citizenship in the West during 1815-1914. Your paper will also include a short reflection and an annotation.First, you must select two nations and, from each, identify two unique conflicts for a total of four conflicts. View […]

Topic is Martin & Malcolm & America

1 should have a thesis ( introduction what Im going to discuss) Body and conclusion. 2 . How did it effect me emotionally / intellectually? 3.did this reading change my mind about anything related to the perspectives of Martin Luther King and/or Malcom X? 4. Did the reading relate to anything from your past experiences […]

How did Martin Luther King become a leader in the Civil Rights Movement?

the essay question is: How did Martin Luther King become a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and what were his accomplishments? This research paper should use no fewer than 5 academic sources, one of which should be from a historian. please no plagiarism

How did Abraham Lincolns assassination impact the political response to the rights of African Americans?

You will need to write between a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages, double spaced and times new roman(MLA format). This research paper should use no fewer than 5 academic sources, one of which should be from a historian.you can’t use Wikipedia and history.com ask citations.

Diary of an Early American Boy

After reading Diary of an Early American Boy, in what way(s) do you think life might have been better during the early 1800s than it is today? In what way(s) was it worse? Please note that I’m not referring to “easier” in this question – lots of things are easier now.  Instead, I’m asking what […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This paper should include what you see as major content take-aways from the readings, discussions, and so on. This includes:    insights you gained for understanding current affairs on certain issues    the lessons you acquired along the semester in respect to life (such as building resilience and thinking critically)     and a sense of how you […]

History since 1865 has to be a three rule thesis statement

essay needs to be in three rule thesis. Topics Civil War and the abolishment of slavery with 13th amendment. 1890″ to 1920’s the progressive era and Jim Craw era.This has to be a quick analytical essay basically just a recap in own words. rubric attached

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