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Archive for the ‘Health Care and Life Sciences’ Category

Health Information Management Profession

Week 8: Term Paper – HIM managementFor your final assignment you will write an 8 to 10 page (excluding title page and referencepage) research paper focused on the nature of the health information management (HIM)profession, future trends related to policy, classification systems, and emerging technology, andthe potential impact of these trends on HIM professionals and […]

Transition of Plasmodium falciparum in Human Host

Question: Discuss how Plasmodium falciparum transitions from the salivary glands of the mosquito to the red blood cells of a human host. Please include diagrams which can be redrawn by me later on. Please answer the question thoroughly and carefully Please be original as possible with 0-3% plagiarism detection Thank you and i have attached […]

Antifungal Agents

Word limit is set to 825 but please only use 720 excluding references. Question: Discuss the mode of action and potential mechanisms of resistance for three main classes of antifungal agents.Agents below:1. Azoles2. Echinocandins3. Polyenes Please include diagrams which i can sketch later in addition to the essay. Please be original as possible 0-3% plagiarism […]

Analysing 9 Practise Developments

Read the Introductory chapter of ; Manley, McCormack & Wilson’s book titled:  International Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare    Critically analyse the 9 principles of Practice Development.  UK English spellings only resources provided in files with the referencing don’t forget the accession date and citation please

Nursing Report

Review the IOM report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” and explore the “Campaign for Action: State Action Coalition” website. In a 1,000-1,250 word paper, discuss the influence the IOM report and state-based action coalitions have had on nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing workforce development, and how they continue to advance the […]

recurrent urinary tract infection

MN585 Unit 6 DB Discuss the evidence-based guidelines you used to evaluate the diagnosis and management of your patient, and whether the approach was appropriate or in comparison to the diagnostic and management metrics in the guidelines. Discuss alternatives to the approach that you think may have been completed differently and support your thesis with […]

recurrent urinary tract infection

MN585 Unit 6 Assessment Using a recognized guideline, in your clinical rotation, select one male OR female patient age >64 years with recurrent urinary tract infection, or prostatitis (male) and compare the clinical course and treatment with the appropriate assessment and management guidelines and provide recommendations for care or note if care has been appropriate […]

diabetic neuropathy

MN584 Unit 7 DB 1.The pathophysiology of the condition. 2.Common physical exam and diagnostic findings. 3.An evidence-based treatment plan to include nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic management, patient education, and plan, including appropriate referrals, for follow-up to assess the efficacy and outcomes of the evidence-based treatment plan. 4.The impact that your selected disorder has on the risk […]

Public Health issues Obesity

I. Public health issue ObesityA. Provide a brief overview of your chosen public health issue or concern.B. Identify the population(s) at risk and substantiate your claims with research.C. Identify other parties that need to be made aware of the problem and explain why.D. What healthcare disparities are related to your selected issue, and how might […]

Clients Draft Analysis

Client Analysis Draft Please work cited/ intext citation/ Reference scenario Client Analysis: In this part of the summative assessment, you will analyze the information you have been provided regarding your chosen individualclient. You will review the overall health status of the individual throughout his or her life span, key factors that have influenced his or […]

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