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Archive for the ‘Other’ Category

Non -profit/Profit Health care Organization

Select a Non-for-profit or For-profit Health Care Organization for your Health Care Marketing BusinessPlan. The chosen health care organization will either market a new product or service to a specific targetmarket. You are responsible for constructing the business plan for the new product or service for theHCO. Once you have chosen the type of HCO […]

Final Paper: Moral, Legal, & Aesthetic Reasoning

Final Paper: Moral, Legal, & Aesthetic ReasoningClick on the following link and read the article: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/01/10/261406721/half-a-drugs-power-comes-from-thinking-it-will-work Discuss the following questions in 500 words or more in a Word document. (100 words per question) 1) What is the value conflict discussed by the doctors in this article? 2) Do your believe there are times when a […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Make sure to answer in a complete paragraph (3-6 sentences). 1-What is the relationship between the field of Gynecology and systems of enslavement in the United States? 3. How and why do those who support population control shape multiple domains in society (food, housing, etc)? And how do these measures affect women of color? 4. […]

Brand management final Course Project

My Brand Is: Kate Spade New York Instructions for the course project are found in the course text listed in the syllabus on page 527.( I already uploaded it to the files) Although the Brand Report Card assignment described in the text requires the evaluation of two brands, students will ONLY evaluate one brand for […]

complex contemporary issue and describe how the issue is influenced by different disciplines.

I want to write about climate change as a contemporary issue and how it effects by any two disciplines.There are the instructions: In this assessment, you will consider a complex contemporary issue and describe how the issue is influenced by different disciplines. You will consider at least two distinct ethical positions on the issue and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Module 2 Mirrors and WindowsIn advancing equity, we often use a mirrors and windows metaphor to describe the stories we develop to reflect our identities, perspectives, and culture. Mirrors reflect things that are familiar to us while windows validate our ideas about ourselves and the world.The preceding video described the mirrors and windows metaphor. You […]

The story we tell

Please watch all videos and answer  “The story we tell by Chimamanda Ngozj”            and answer all questions in this module. 1- How might this story impact your decision making and actions? What is a single story about you or a single story that you have internalized about other people in […]

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?-You can talk about the differences and similarities between Gen Z and Gen Y-You may want to address the distribution of income in the United States and how it affects different income segments. Should there be some thing done to address this huge discrepancy? -You may want to talk about smart […]

VirginMobile UK Case Analysis

Answer these Questions: 1. Who does Virgin Mobile target as its customer, and what is its value proposition? 2. How can we explain Virgins success in the UK mobile market between 1999 and 2005? 3. How sustainable is Virgins competitive advantage? How might the company need to change its strategy to sustain success in the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

ESSAY NEEDS TO FULLY ANSWER (NOT SELECTIVELY) ANSWER THE ESSAY QUESTION– maximum 750 wordsEssay questionWhat are the strengths and weaknesses of Ogbus theory of variability in school performance,and to what extent might his heuristic classification of voluntary and involuntary minority groupsperpetuate stereotypes?Comments Ogbu, Lesson 21. Bourdieus forms of capital (Lesson 20) might also be relevant […]

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