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Archive for the ‘Political science’ Category

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Part II.  Commentary on/Response to 2 your classmates presentations:Please complete questions below and submit them on Blackboard. Your response should include answers to the following questions: What did you learn? How do you feel about the ideas/information presented? If you had the chance, what else would you say to, or ask, the presenter? Presenter jihanDate_________________________________Main […]

Application of Army design methodology (ADM)

Essay topic: Application of ADM for the CSM/SGM Assignment: Describe the process and concept of developing an operational approach and how you envision facilitating this process as an Operation Sergeant Major. Instructions: Wright a response, with at least 2 cited sources, a minimum of 350 words, to the topic above. Cite references using APA format.

European Theories and Conception of Global Economic Governance

Literature review for PhD thesis on European Theories and Conception of Global Economic Governance.Provide an overview of current knowledge, identify relevant theories, methods, and gaps in the existing research by European scholars or institutions. Orignal, plagiarism free, with footnotes, bibliography or reference.

Political Party Affiliation

We will explore the different political parties views on various issues.  We will look at the parties platforms at the websites of the Green. Libertarian. will then write two paragraphs describing what political party they align with using each issue on the matrix. Briefly explain why you support each stance. Libertarian:  https://www.lp.org/platformGreen:  http://www.gp.org/platform

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You will choose from either one of these two sides to persuade the reader:1. President Obama had the legal authority to order Operation Geronimo and to execute the planor 2. President Obama did not have the legal authority to order Operation Geronimo and to execute the plan 1.    STUDY REQUIREMENTS:     The Three Parts of […]

Congressional Committees

There are 20 standing committees in the House and another 16 in the Senate. Just about all the legislation that reaches a final floor vote in either house is a product of those committees and their numerous subcommittees. Each Thursday, beginning Week 2, your assignment is to prepare a brief profile of a standing committee […]

Political Science

he Constitution of the United States created a strong but limited national government, in order to protect the citizens from possible abuses of the government. These limits are expressed, in the division of its powers, the adoption of a federal system, the proclamation of civil liberties and rights, and the rotation and selection of authorities […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Directions: Please write a one page typed Personal Statement about who you are.  Among other things,  include  what  you  are  planning  on  majoring  in,  one  or  two  things  that  you  like  to  do (dancing, football, friends, etc.), what you want to do when you get older, and your impressions and expectations of Introduction to Politics. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer all Questions 1. Should the Department of Defense and the military be responsible for post-war nation-building or should this be primarily the function of others? Why or why not and if not then who? If not, then what should be the continuing role of the military? 2. Should the military services and their capabilities […]

Pandemic Issues

We are at a pivotal point in the pandemic with about one third of our population vaccinated but a bit of confusion and changes related to masks. What do you believe should be the policy for return to campus for community colleges?University of California and California State University systems will require vaccinations but reopen their […]

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